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College of Examiners

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
The College of Examiners is made up of over 300 distinguished professional teachers and performers from across North America. College members provide evaluations to students and teachers across North America on behalf of RCM Examinations. They are grouped according to their discipline and level of expertise.
Practical Disciplines: Theory Disciplines:
Accordion Rudiments
Brass History
Guitar Harmony
Harp Counterpoint
Harpsichord Analysis
Organ Pedagogy
Percussion Speech Arts Theory, Literature, & Technique
Speech Arts & Drama  
  Members of the College of Examiners come from a wide variety of educational and performance backgrounds, however, minimum qualifications may include the following:
A Bachelor of Music or an equivalent degree/diploma
Five years professional teaching experience
Adjudicating experience at festivals/ competitions
Knowledge of the RCM Examinations curriculum through student particpation
Strong organizational time management skills
  Prior to being admitted to the College of Examiners, all examiners must successfully complete an Examiner Apprenticeship Program consisting of an intensive series of lectures, demonstrations, and practicum, as well as sitting-in with a mentor examiner for three consecutive examination sessions.
  Three senior College members are appointed as Chief Examiners to provide leadership to the College of Examiners. They are responsible for all College members in the areas of Academic Standards, Training and Development, and Theoretical Subjects.
  All members of the College of Examiners receive regular feedback from the Office of the Chief Examiners through .
Annual review and development reports
Evaluation of written critiques
Comparative analysis of mark averages
Observational sessions with Chief Examiners
  Examiners also attend annual professional development workshops in order to refine their skills, maintain evaluation consistency, and participate in pedagogical discussions with other College members.

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